“Kintzing has always had a knack for combining folk and ambient and bedroom pop and slowcore, melting them down into restrained but emotionally poignant music prone to spikes of desperation. The sound is close to being perfected on Mend...” - Various Small Flames

“Mend feels like a particularly careful album, every moment paced and deliberate.”
“It ends up being a thoroughly digestible mood record that captures the slow creep of spring perfectly. It also ends up being extremely replayable.” -

“On his latest album, German Error Message offers up a selection of songs that span serenity and a controlled kind of chaos. There are moments when we feel healed by its general softness, but there are also moments we feel hurt by it, a stark duality that attests to Paul Kintzing’s ability to make everything out of nothing.” - The Music Mermaid


“It's been nearly two years since we last shared music from German Error Message and in the video for "2017" you'll see the wait was worth it. A glitchy video plays out over a song of sincere and heartbreaking honesty. A new year brings a sense of new beginnings, as if we'll change overnight and grow into new beings and German Error Message puts his struggles to song. The desire to leave home, finish projects, become someone new and understand who exactly we are stand at the center of this gorgeous message - and at its completion we're left to wonder if we ever really have any control of our thoughts at all. It's beautiful.” - The Grey Estates  

“Their haunting single “2017” instantly won me over with its experimental layers of sound, but it was the tempered yet deeply moving vocals of Paul Kintzing that absolutely broke my heart and locked me in as a fan forever. - YabYum Music and Arts

“Appropriately titled ‘2017’, the song is probably best described as organic folk, following the above description in its use of various tones and textures which bring the acoustic strum into relief. Couple this with Kintzing’s gentle vocals and evocative writing and you have a song that’s quietly devastating, music that’s captured perfectly in the accompanying video, late-night solitude made strange by stark, staccato forces emerging from the sky or within the skull.” - Various Small Flames 

“Once I hit play, my toes and fingers got a little cold and the daylight dimmed just slightly. In just over two minutes, "2017" manages to encapsulate the feeling of the kind of winter I grew up with and came to love.” - Nashville Scene 


“As usual with GEM, you can take your pick of descriptions (folk, bedroom pop, experimental, etc) and really get no closer to describing the sound. I still like the line in the blurb of the split EP I mentioned earlier, which described the sound as, “densely-layered and blanket-thick bedroom folk”. It’s sort-of-intimate and sort-of-sad and has that lonely lo-fi buzz that makes it feel DIY and heartfelt and real.” - Various Small Flames

“The project, helmed by Paul Kintzing, takes an almost Elliott Smith approach by brooding in the dark nether regions, but, full of fuzzy guitars amidst a sea of other instruments, the arrangements are really hypnotic.” - No Country For New Nashville

After The Warmth

“German Error Message has me wondering if Murfreesboro, Tennessee, is the hot, new epicenter of experimental folk? If not, After the Warmth, a hauntingly delicate exercise in rich instrumentation and meandering melodies, written and recorded at home by GEM’s Paul Kintzing, is making that case. Minimal, gorgeous and often ornately foreboding in tone, the album is evocative of inward journeys through emotionally fraught soundscapes.” - My Old Kentucky Blog

“After The Warmth is the one I’m familiar with, and I’ve been listening to it for a few weeks now. The songs are light and bedroom-pop-like with softly sung vocals, soft guitars, and brushed percussion. Despite many listens, I’ve had trouble pulling out a weak song on the album. And I’ve had the same problem selecting a favorite. “Reaching Out” and “The Warmth” are both great, but honestly you can say that about all the songs.” - Fensepost

To Carry Alongside

“...his music is experimental folk that’s really soothing. Light picking on guitar and beautiful chord progressions on the piano make up the majority of his gentle composition.” - Sunset In The Rearview

“As I said, the recording is very intimate, it's like sitting next to the band, while they record their music. I love that feeling. That makes living recordings.” - Dying For Bad Music