German Error Message is the songwriting & recording project of Nashville-based musician, engineer, and producer Paul Kintzing.

Self-releasing music under the name since 2008, Kintzing first gained critical acclaim for 2010’s To Carry Alongside and the 2011 full-length follow-up After The Warmth

The Lifting followed in 2013; and in late 2014, Furious Hooves released Haunts digitally and on cassette. 

In late December 2016, Kintzing released a stand-alone video and single, titled 2017, which served as a recommitment to the project and documented a stylistic shift. 

Mend is Kintzing’s fifth full-length album and first in five years. 

Selected Discography:

photo by Sam Bourland

photo by Brendan Prost

photo by Madeleine Hicks

photo by Brendan Prost