The album “Haunts” is turning five soon.
“Haunts” & “Mend” are now available on cassette.
Limited handmade 
t-shirts also available.  (see merch in menu above)

-10/25/19- "What Welcoming” & " Hand Comes Down” are available everywhere now. Two songs written & recorded in fall 2016, returned to and released in fall 2019. (click/tap to stream)

-8/13/19- A new stand-alone single, “Fine,” is available everywhere now. (click/tap to stream)

-6/28/19- A short instrumental album, “Not Songs,” is available everywhere now under the name Other Nothing (click/tap to stream) 

-3/29/19- The fifth German Error Message album, “Mend,” is now available (click/tap to stream)

contact: germanerrormessage@gmail.com